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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Newborn photography – have an amazing photoshoot of your tiny tots

A baby comes into its parents’ lives and changes them forever. For the parents, nothing remains the same after a baby graces their lives. Every day becomes a gift with a baby in the family. Most parents spend every waking hour staring at their cuties and showering them with love. Have you noticed how fast kids grow up? The cuddly bundles soon start to look, smile, move their limbs, and before you realize, they start walking. How will you preserve the memories of those dreamy faces sleeping peacefully? Or those tiny fists, curled up toes, and teeny-weeny nose? By gifting your baby and newborn photoshoot by a professional newborn photographer.

Newborn photographers in Hyderabad

The kids grow up so fast! That sweety pie who clings to you will soon start to move and walk. Newborn photography is the only way to capture those adorable poses.

As a newborn photographer, I face a lot of questions from my clients, of which the safety of their children is a major one. They also wonder about the right time to shoot newborn photos. Some parents are confused about the type of props to choose or the theme of the photoshoot. My years of experience in newborn photography has helped me to devise ways of handling these photoshoots. Let me share these with you.

How to prepare for a newborn photoshoot?

Like most newborn photographers in Hyderabad, I prefer to shoot these sessions when the babies are 7 days to 21 days old. The idea is to catch them young. Jokes apart, just born babies love to curl up, and their bodies are very flexible. Since they are sleeping most of the time, it is easy for us to conduct the photo sessions.

Once they start to stay awake during the day and move their limbs, it becomes difficult to keep them still or wear the outfits.

Safety first -that’s my priority and for most newborn photographers like me. From creating a baby-safe studio with low-lying seats to choosing the props carefully, we do everything to make sure the babies are safe and comfortable. We use blankets or crib baskets to lay the babies so that if the babies fidget or rollover, they won’t get hurt.

We maintain hygiene by washing our hands before the shoot and also keeping the studio clean. We don’t keep any furniture with sharp edges and take care of cables or lights so that no one gets hurt.

How to plan newborn photoshoots?

The first thing that most newborn photographers in Hyderabad do is to decide the theme of the shoot. Parents have their ideas, and we encourage them to share their expectations with us so that we can choose the theme and newborn photography props.

Do you know what is the most important quality that a newborn photographer must possess? No, it is not photographic skills but patience. Yes, we have to be extremely patient while shooting newborn pics and flexible also.

While planning is important to make photoshoots successful, when babies are involved, we have to be flexible. You know, everything may go as planned but just before the shoot, the baby may refuse to cooperate. Sometimes, they don’t fall asleep or keep on fidgeting or crying. It’s their way of telling who’s the boss and we have to wait patiently.

We suggest the parents feed the babies before the shoot so that they can sleep peacefully. Still, there have been instances when after setting up the props and lighting, the baby has woken up and refused to go to sleep again.

So, to conduct a perfect newborn photoshoot in Hyderabad, we have to be patient. That’s why we plan these photo sessions when the baby is 7 to 21 days old to get them in perfect poses.

Tips on successful newborn photoshoots

It is a good idea to decide the theme of the shoot and choose the props accordingly. If the parents want anything special, you can arrange that also. Be prepared with the set and props so that the session doesn’t take much time.

Tell your photographer what you expect. You may want dreamy sequences, Harry Potter themes, babies cradled in wick baskets, or resting on your lap.

It is wise to hire only professional photographers with prior experience in newborn photography. Photographing kids is different than filming adults and you have to ensure a lot of factors like safety and comfort. Experienced newborn photographers know how to handle babies and posing them most comfortably.

Choose the outfits for the kids to highlight their features. Soft and neutral colors keep the focus on babies while dark-colored clothes make editing difficult.

Most professional photographers use natural light to capture the shots. Using strong lights or pop-up flashes disturb the babies.

We love to be creative in decorating the surroundings. Using balloons, colorful toys, soft toys, and papercraft helps in creating a colorful backdrop. Some parents prefer simple outfits that will keep the baby cozy. You can add headbands or colorful props to infuse brightness into the snaps. If the parents desire, get fancy dresses like tutu skirts or fairy outfits for the cuties.

We also use colorful towels for creating effects. Crib mattresses are safe and keep the babies warm and cozy.

Having a few candid shots in your newborn photoshoot in Hyderabad will make the album look interesting. You can take photos when the babies are sleeping in their mothers’ laps. Some babies smile in their sleep, and that makes a fantastic shot. Frowns on those little foreheads look adorable too.

Newborn photography is all about being patient, keeping safety and security as a priority, and using your creativity and presence of mind to pull off an amazing shoot.

Professional photographers use simple and inexpensive props to decorate their sets and create amazing backdrops for their shots. It all depends on how creatively you can think and make every album look different.

I hope you will find the right photographer for your newborn photography in Hyderabad and before looking around do check out our website –

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Newborn photographers in Hyderabad

Newborn photography in Hyderabad

Newborn props in hyderabad

Newborn photoshoot in hyderabad

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