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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

For a long time, soon-to-be mothers have shied away from the prying eyes of people, let alone go for maternity photography. Pregnant women are prone to shield their bellies from the world because of social anxiety, ‘What will people say, I don’t look beautiful’.

But, the world has seen several changes in the outlook since then, from powerful women like Queen B’s embracing and empowering other women by her VMA performance to women leading normal lives accepting their role in this beautiful process and embracing it. Now, soon-to-be mothers all over the world are excited to capture this elegant time through, of course, pregnancy photo-shoots.

Maternity photography is a beautiful art. Capturing the essence of pregnancy, which is precious and a blessing on not just the mother but on the whole family, takes a high level of creativity. And, if you're looking for Maternity Photography in Hyderabad, you're at the best place.

What exactly is Maternity Photography?

Maternity Photography is capturing the beauty of a soon-to-be mom in stills, so that they can preserve, from the start, the journey of their child. Not just that, it is a moment to capture the beauty of pregnancy, the look of pure love on the mother’s face filled with total admiration for her future child. It is aimed at capturing the excitement of the mother at the prospect of bringing another human being into the world. There is almost nothing as beautiful as that and hence, it needs to be captured well.

When should you go for a pregnancy photo-shoot?

The best time considered for maternity photography is the time when the baby bump is significant, which typically means 33-36 weeks or 7th-8th months into the pregnancy. Having a shoot after that might be a little uncomfortable for the mother because different poses at that time might be distressing. But ultimately it all depends on the comfort of the mother.

Where should you get the photo-shoot done?

It totally depends on a mother’s vision as to where she wants herself to be photographed. You get few options for Maternity Photographers in Hyderabad, but not many provide high quality maternity gowns for photoshoot in Hyderabad which Pixel Baby does, along with that you can opt for your newborn baby photography. Confused about whether it should be inside with the professional lights or outside where the natural sunlight enhances your motherly glow? At, Pixel baby Maternity Photography, the need of the mother comes first. I am flexible about every mother's needs.


In the studio with professional lighting and makeup, your photographs can look amazing. There is something different about a simple black and white photo, with the mother staring right into the camera while cradling her belly. She looks ready to invite the new life into her life and the world and she also looks ready to protect the baby from everything bad in the world.

You can even play with different props in the studio and you will have total control of the shoot. Plus, you can even include your husband or other children into the shoot so that it becomes a memory for everyone. You can also go for a glamorous maternity photo-shoot and get more happening pictures. Want to find a good Newborn photographer in Hyderabad? Look no more, because you’re looking at the best right now!


The warm glow of the sun brings out the rich glow in the soon-to-be mothers and this is why a lot of women prefer outdoor shoots. It is way more fun than an indoor shoot and you get to go to different locations and just have fun with nature, parks, gardens, a hilltops, and whatnot. You also want to choose the day yourself after considering if the weather is suitable for the shoot or not. This is important because an extreme cold or extreme hot weather might be very uncomfortable for the mother.

Poses and Angles that look flattering for you

Poses and angles matter a lot. Some might not work for you that well and some would make you look absolutely stunning. So, here is a compiled a list of poses and angles to help you.

Cradling the belly

This is a classic pose and gives the look that even though the mother is excited to bring the child into the world, she will do her best to protect it from the world. A protective but friendly gesture.

Side pose

A side pose will give more focus on the belly, which brings out the beauty in the picture.

High Angle

The high angle is an angle that brings more focus to the belly of the mother, again bringing out the beauty in it.

Bring the dads in

A couple's photo with the pregnant belly means that they have created magic and it is soon about to come into the world to make it even more magical. Plus, sometimes dads just stand behind the camera joking anyway, so just get them in front of the camera so that the photographer can take a laughing candid and viola! It becomes a fun story and there would be so many inside jokes that you would then get to share with your family later on.

Plus, these pictures would bring in a wave of nostalgia years later. If you’re looking to create beautiful stories like these and looking for a pregnancy photoshoot in Hyderabad, Pixel Bay Maternity photography is the place to go!

Keep it simple

Some people love extravaganza and it might suit them too, no judgments. But simplicity is the most beautiful. Minimalism brings out the beauty in you in the most natural process.

Final Words

Pregnancy is the best experience a mother can have and having it beautifully captured can make it memorable for everyone, including the future child. To sum it up, just go for it. Maternity photography is the best way to make the memories of this beautiful journey last forever!.

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