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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

All you need to know about pet photography

People consider pets as no different from their human family members and often like to get their pets photographed for this very reason. Pet Photography is an unique way of celebrating your pets. It signifies that want to commemorate every milestone achieved by them.

Pets photographers in Hyderabad
Mans best friend.

Our pets always have more fans than us, online or offline, and we all have seen famous Instagram pet pages. I’m sure you too have seen those cute photos and videos of pets doing anything and everything while looking so adorably cute all the time. Dog photography is the most famous type of pet photography, followed by cats. Pets are man’s best friends and often prove themselves to be more loyal to us than our human buddies.

What exactly is pet photography?

From the name itself, it is quite clear what it is. But, there are so many types of photography that you might be surprised by the variations and demands. Sometimes people even want the pets to be included in family portraits. But in its essence, pet photography can be quite difficult because animals are dynamic creatures, and getting them to sit still is a very difficult task indeed. So, candid photographs for pets is a life saver.

Why should you go for pet photography?

Pet photography is one way to appreciate your furry friends. In a developing country like India, this trend is not particularly common and neither are pet photographers. But, pet photography is gaining the fame and popularity it deserves with each passing day. In the following paragraphs, you will find some of the best pet photoshoot ideas, and if you are looking for pet photographers in Hyderabad you are at the perfect place.

Where should you get the pet photography done?


There is no hard and fast rule as to where you should get your dog photoshoot or any other pet photography done. But remember pets are energetic, so be ready with a lot of treats and baits for them because that is how you are going to get them to cooperate! It largely depends on the owner's views as to where he/she needs to get the pet photography done. This is because the owner knows the pet the best and also where his/her buddy is the happiest.


You will have more control indoors as there would be less stuff to distract the pet. Plus, you can have more flexibility on what type of photograph do you want to click. You can add props too and make the picture cuter. Just imagine a hamster with a cute little scarf. So adorable, right? You get to control the light and can even click silhouettes to give your pet a little gangster look.

You can even go for a glamorous pet photography for your pet to get pictures with more jazz. But take care of the fact that razzle-dazzle is not something that comes naturally to animals. So, sometimes the pictures can be a bit too much for them. But, it can also turn out to be a fun event for everyone if sone properly.


Outdoors is the place where your pet is the happiest. But, one disadvantage of an outdoor pet photography is that there are so many distractions, flowers, butterflies, other humans, and of course other animals. So, outdoors can prove to be a little difficult venue but, the pictures can turn out to be very beautiful.

Plus, there would be so many locations, which would make the pets very happy indeed. You have the option to choose the day yourself after considering carefully if the weather is suitable for the shoot or not.

Animals are mostly the happiest in their natural habitat. Nature gives them comfort but you have to make sure that they are indeed comfortable with the shoot and all. If they're jumpy in front of the camera, the session won't work and it would ruin the shots. So, give them treats and make sure they are calm.

Some things to be remembered

Patience, patience, and patience

For pet photography, you have to be patient. You have to wait until your subject is in a good mood. Animals have their own minds and sometimes it is possible that they might not listen to the owner let alone the photographer.

But nevertheless, everyone should be patient. Don’t try to force the pet to stay still, they can rebel and stop listening to you. If you’re doing dog photography, let the dog have a look around the studio and get comfortable. Once he/she is familiar with the surroundings, he/she is more likely to be calm.

Know your pet

Knowing your pet’s likes and dislikes helps. Know what keeps your pet calm, what type of toys he/she likes, or what type of treats he/she loves. This will make the pet trust you and will make the photographer's job easier.

What makes your pet unique? Try to know this as much as possible. This will make the photography easier and more naturally beautiful. For example, if you're going for a shoot outside in the snow with a Siberian Husky who loves to play in the snow, be prepared to take some very funny candid photos with a snow-covered Husky.

Final Words

Pet Photography is a very fun thing to do, both for the owner and the pet. The photography session can make the pets feel closer to their human. As the owner, it is a beautiful way to tell your pet that you adore him/her and that they are an important part of your family. So, what are you waiting for? Book a photography session today!

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